Speers United Methodist Church  Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Speers United



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Who We Are ...


A Beacon on the Hill


Like a spotlight, a beacon illuminates things beyond itself. We are here to give Glory to God and to Jesus Christ.
Like a porch light, a beacon lights the way home. We are here to help people find their way home to God through the grace of Jesus Christ.
Like a flashlight, a beacon lights the path ahead so that travelers do not stumble. We are here to support one another as we travel together the path of faithful discipleship.
Like a lighthouse, a beacon helps people navigate difficult waters. We are here to serve those in need an help them navigate the difficult times of life.
At Speers United Methodist Chruch, we strive to be the beacon in our community.
Come and join us!

Where We Are Going ...



The Speers United Methodist Church is bringing people to Jesus Christ through meeting the ever-changing needs of our community and church family by providing:

  • Spiritually-energizing programs for our youth
  • Dynamic worship services for all
  • Vital Christian study, fellowship and support for our families
  • Intercessory prayer and programs to address the healing of the heart and spirit

  • What We Believe ...



    The Speers United Methodist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are a community of believers centered on Christ, united by God's love, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.


    Speers United Methodist Church is a handicap accessible facility.


    810 Jane Avenue  |  Charleroi, Pennsylvania  15022  |  Phone (724) 483-2372